The Daily Growth Blog #36/365| Refresh Week: Moving on from Vulnerability #2 — Discomfort

Vineet V. George
4 min readDec 3, 2021


Ah so this is hot off the press. I just went through a slightly less than interesting interview. Great segue into part two of vulnerability — discomfort. And yes, I know, interviews are random conversations that no one should take to heart and I (finally) haven’t taken one to heart. I have no feelings at all, this time.

Okay, so this was a very different role from the ones I usually apply to. I do this, every now and then — apply to a completely different role in a very different company-type than the ones I am actively targeting. This role was into partnerships (not the usual sales-focused roles I focus on). To give you a little bit of context, I am focused on building my next career journey in one or more of the following avenues —

a. Large Co — Tech or Media: Need to understand the ins & outs of working in a LARGE org. The processes, the focus areas, the various ways in which a large behemoth moves forward. It is intriguing to me since I have always worked in small to mid-sized organizations myself. How will I adjust and mould myself to bring in my skill-sets to affect impact in a larger setup? Will be fun to see how everything unfolds.

b. Ad-Tech/Mar-Tech/Media & Entertainment — I’m in love with the world of ads, ever since we started working on joint pitches to some CMOs and CEOs (Ads and Maps together) last year. The world of consumer behaviour studies, analytics, in-depth data-backed pitches and building a joint vision strategy is very appealing. I do feel this will be a good step ahead in my overall sales journey as well.

c. Established Startup in any domain — This is the last and final type of company I am aiming for. I’d love to work in a startup environment that is mature, growing fast and is large enough so that some of the advantages or excitement I shared in #a can be experienced here too. This role can be in any domain, linked to sales/client engagement/partnerships.

Today’s interview was part of #c. I knew it was a long shot but I wanted to test myself and see how I fare in a very different industry setup and also get a first hand understanding of how startups in India are operating. And this startup was one of those with whom I had not built any major relationships in my previous experience. (Yes, wanted to feel the vulnerability without any form of comfort creeping in).


While the person taking my interview was learned, and a veteran in the industry, he seemed to be a tad bit serious, and some of my humour fell flat (and killed itself, I believe). I realised this about me today — I feed off the energy of others. Yes, I love bringing energy to a room and being positive & excited but if I don’t receive the same enthusiasm in return, the energy wanes off and I go into my own shell.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad but if I don’t ‘vibe’ with the individuals in front of me, I don’t present my best self to them. It’s like a part of me doesn’t want to come out and play. And that is the part that makes me authentic, loving and energetic — The child maybe?

Servicing & Repair

All in all, today’s interview process wasn’t my best. Yet, again. But this time I did not really think too much about why or what or how. I knew as soon as it started that I’m not feeling it. I’m not feeling the role, the company and couldn’t find the excitement I was hoping to find.

But yes, I did write down the questions asked, and will prepare a bit better for answering them better next time. Because I want to present my best self to everyone around me, and must find a way to engage properly even if the vibe is disagreeable.

Work in progress. Happy work in progress. :)

Test Drive

Today, after a long long time, I went for a ride, my first test ride on the Dom (my motorbike). I need to do one more. I did a quick 30km run on the airport road. It was a beautiful Friday morning (Bangalore is always beautiful). The bike was performing well, and I was able to ‘feel’ the vibe properly. Excited about Monday’s ride to Kerala.

Idling & Warmth

I am very grateful to my old team. I loved working with them, building business, supporting the growth of other members and in general, creating positive impact around us. I’m also grateful to them for working with their heart, and being true rockstars in how they approached their work. Every day was a beautiful journey. One of the best things to have happened to me in life.

This week I had the opportunity of speaking to a few folks as part of a project we’ve been working on for the last six months, as part of professional & personal development. The project ends in a couple of weeks and I’ll probably not be able to touch base with many of them after this. And I spoke to them about how endings are tough, but important. How without ending one chapter one can never start a new chapter (of life as well as books). But it is still tough to say goodbye to these souls, these warriors who’ve made me who I am, and who will always have access to a part of me, no matter where I am.

Maps is love.




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