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The most stylish dude on this planet with my brother, Vijeet ;)

Some time back, my brother, Vijeet, and I were travelling to Delhi from Bangalore. Given my paranoia of reaching airports at least 2.5 hours before departure (and my exceptional ability to convince my family at great risk to my personal safety), we were there well in time, in front of the crowded Vistara Check-in counters.

It was utter chaos. People were falling over each other to get to the two open counters and I was amused seeing the mayhem around me.

Slowly and steadily, Vijeet and I got to the front of the line (if you could call it that) and were waiting for our turn when a couple suddenly jumped ahead from the exit side and literally ‘slithered’ their way in front of us. They thought we hadn’t noticed. As soon as we looked at them, they got a bit startled, like a deer caught in headlights. I smiled at them and moved a bit back, and they graciously accepted the spot. They were amazed by our graciousness. I think I did see a tear drop from the lady’s eye (‘mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye’ feeling).

In another five minutes, another couple started inching forward from the exit and we again let them pass in front of us. Seeing this, the first couple, scolded the second couple and told them to follow rules. I was amazed. The first couple then asked us to come ahead and stand behind them so that no one crossed us. They wanted to help us. So weirdly cool.

This couple smiled and acknowledged us in the security line, and then again in the flight and finally at the baggage belt in Delhi. In their head, they’d probably started holding us in high esteem. Just because we let them go ahead of us in a stupid line.

This and many other instances keep reminding me of the importance of having the right attitude in life, wherever we are, whatever we do. Our attitude towards the circumstances around us defines how we think about ourselves and how people perceive us. Yes, what people think about us should not matter much but how people perceive us should be a slight concern.

Whenever I’ve had to decide whether to give more of me or less of me to any experience, I’ve seen myself go out of my way and do more for people who have a great attitude towards life. People who are humble, joyous, excited, nice and genuine — I love giving more of me to them. People who are selfish, miserable, irritable and sad — I would try to spend as little time as I can and move on as soon as possible.

I’ve also seen that people who have a slightly weird attitude towards life tend to lose out on a lot of experiences because of how they react to situations or how they become angry too quickly or how they do not say ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and ‘please’ or how they take other people for granted. People who tend to be ‘nicer’ seem to enjoy the ‘nicer’ things in life and attract ‘goodness’.

There is a very valid saying that I heard some time back from the founder of one of the most successful startups of our time:

“The luckier you are, the nicer you should become and the nicer you are, the luckier you become.”

So cool, right?

Within the realm of a great attitude comes the concept of ‘gratitude’. Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about the things we don’t have or yearning for more. ‘Oh how I wish I could buy that fancy new EV’ or ‘I hope I can get my hands on that beautiful house some day’ or ‘Isn’t that person really charming? I want someone like that to be my partner’. Yada yada yada.

Many of us are already living lives that are a far fetched dream for so many people in the world. We should be grateful for everything we have, and thank the universe or God or ourselves (depending on whatever we believe in) for bestowing us with so many blessings.

The funny thing about gratitude, like attitude, is that the more grateful we are, the more abundance we receive. And I’m not talking about abundance of material wealth, but rather the abundance of happiness and peace. Material wealth may or may not be a by product and one may or may not need it in their life.

Being genuinely grateful should not be confused with a lack of focus towards growth or a lack of excitement for the future. It just means that while we’re excited for our future, for becoming better and living a more wholesome life, we are also extremely happy & content with where we are today. We’re in a zone of peace and we’re in a zone where we love ourselves and care about ourselves. It is a great place to be at.

A truly powerful & positive mindset is one where our minds are full of gratitude and we have a great positive attitude about our life, the people around us and the situations we face on a day to day basis. This positive mindset expects things to go well, people to do what’s right and experiences to be positive, overall. Yes, there will be hurdles along the way but a mindset that is based on the principles of gratitude and a winning attitude will be able to convert negative situations into opportunities.

And that’s all there is to life, in the end. Understanding that both heaven & hell exist within our minds and we have complete control over how we approach life.


We can spread our positive energy to other beings too! :)



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