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3 min readMar 12, 2021


The Bedtime Series | Season 1, Ep 7: My Machines

I love machines. Well, not as much as a mechanical & automation engineer should. And probably not in the same way. I have no idea about the technicalities, I would never be able to fix a car or bike if they stalled or needed repairs. I am quite hopeless that way. But I love every atom, every molecule and every element that makes up my machines.

Given how I live my life, even during this weird situation called ‘The Pandemic’, I am away from vehicles I call my own and this gives me a chance every now and then to rent other vehicles. I drive them, complete my work and hand them back to their companies. No connect.

When I get into my own car or sit on my own bike, we become one.

The two of them were saying goodbye to each other

They know me, I know them. They love me (I think) and I love them. There are times they’ll just take me back home, without me having to drive. When I’m low, the Dom (the two wheeled gentle speedster) connects so well with my heart, the movement of its piston seems to pump fresh blood into my veins. When I’m tired, Motu (The four wheeled cutie) seems to hug me in its seat, taking away all sadness, fatigue and just takes me, quietly, to the loveliest places, in any city I might be in.

A month or so ago I had the opportunity of covering 2000 kilometres from Delhi to Bangalore (via Gwalior, Nagpur & Hyderabad) on the Dom. The Dom and I love doing this every now and then — just leaving without any fear, any major plan (Except knowing where to get to before night fall). Just doing our own thing. This time though it was after more than a year. I won’t lie. Both of us were a bit nervous. We didn’t know if we were ready for the bitter cold of the North, driving with so much luggage and taking on the highways during the ‘new normal’. Can’t say much right now but this ride deserves its own blog. Shall again end abruptly with some pictures though. :)

Traversing the Fog without fog lights
The sun sure helped



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