The Bedtime Series | Season 1, Ep 13: I am still sick!

Okay I spoke (or wrote) too soon yesterday. The damned runny nose is still runny. But I am feeling cute about it. Like I know I’m going to get better, and I can already feel how I will feel once I am better (I mean, emotionally, not physically because physically right now I can’t feel anything). I had chicken soup, a vanilla latte and lots of water for dinner. Now I am ready to read and sleep. Feels nice to also go through this alone, in Pune and not at home in Delhi (which would have been a lot more painful because I hate being sick in Delhi). I also went for a morning & night bike ride today so a very good day overall.

Also learned that life is all about making sure you ‘communicate’ as best possible.

For now, that’s about it. Nothing much to write about. The photo below depicts a slightly different virus in my life —

All younger brothers need to get a life. :D



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Vineet V. George

A sales and consulting professional who enjoys writing about things that are close to his heart.